Company begins its 25th year in business. Last year 
   was a good year and all indications show the same for   
   the upcoming year. 
   There are several projects sheduled to begin in the new
   year.  We will continue working on repair and cleaning  
   production water wells and environmental wells in the
   Mobile Alabama area. 
   We will also provide soil boring services for several
   projects in the Southeast United States. We are       
   maintaining our licenses in the same states we have          been working in for the last ten years.
G & E SERVICES INC started by Mrs Rhonda Wyckoff in December 1994 to provide support services to engineering, environmental, construction, and industrial clients in the Southeast United States. 

We have satisfied clients from all over the United States and have provided support to clients from other parts of the world. 

We are proud to have been given the opportunity to work with some of the largest corporations in the world.
Our company can be your number one source for professional services.  We provide engineering, environmental, maintenance, repair, and other support services. We also provide these same services with equipment and supplies through a network of experienced professionals and suppliers. 

We provide soil borings services for geotechnical engineering firms, soil boring and monitor well services to environmental consulting firms and individuals that are wanting to know the type of material that is below the surface. 

We provide concrete and asphalt coring services for collection of samples or to access what is below the concrete or asphalt.

We also provide all types of well services such as downhole video camera, well cleaning, development, repair, and abandonment. 

We own or have equipment available such as generators, welders, air compressors, pump hoist, sample rigs, dozers, excavators, and backhoes for moving material or debris and skid steers for clearing land or moving dirt.

We are ready to work for you!

Contact Info: Charlie Wyckoff
Phone: 251-633-9791
Fax: 251-633-7883
Email: cwyckoff@zebra.net

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